How We Work


After a brief phone consultation, we will schedule at your convenience a free consultation/get acquainted meeting at which time I will gather all pertinent information about you and your pup, including: your contact information, your vet’s information, your pup’s behavior history (including how he/she is with other dogs), his/her medical history/issues, etc. I will also check with you to verify that your pup is on flea/tick medication (required) and that he/she is current on shots and has a current ID tag and license (also required).

I offer small group walks (max. 3 dogs) for compatible, well socialized dogs who get along well with other dogs. The small group gives your pup the advantage of individual attention from me, combined with the joy of being with other dogs in a friendly “pack”.

I take careful precautions to ensure that all members of group walks are compatible by pre-screening new members and by carefully introducing them to each other on their initial meeting. Only well socialized dogs with no history of aggression will be considered suitable for the group walks. (For an excellent guide to safely introducing two dogs go to

After picking up your dog, we will head over to the closest park or open space area for a hike (minimum of 1 hour – we often stay out longer, weather permitting) or simply for a walk in the neighborhood for 45 minutes. (Driving time to and from the parks extends the excursions, giving your pup a little extra “out of the house” social time.)

I have an “all weather” policy and prefer to schedule the walks in the middle of the day, when your pup most needs it.

I bring water and water bowls, and on rainy or wet days, clean towels.

I provide and bring healthy treats, and will always check with you first to ensure there are no food allergy restrictions or other dietary restrictions.

I carry “poop bags” with me at all times – all poop will be picked up and placed in the nearest receptacle.

I will always leave you a detailed note about our outing, including “bathroom” information and any other pertinent info.

Tailwagger’s Delight

Lisbeth Pollard

(415) 419-2518

Office Hours: Mon – Sat, 10 – 5

“Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.”

~ Unknown