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Dear Dog Lovers, dog Parents,


Welcome to my site!  I'm a life-long dog and animal-lover, and a past long-term volunteer at Berkeley Animal Care Services where I worked on a daily basis with some of their shyest dogs (some of them, sadly, virtually feral upon their arrival at BACS), giving them the love, attention, and socialization they needed to become adoptable and find their forever homes.  I have also volunteered in the "Pit Ed" program offered by the Bad Rap organization, in which the shelter Pit Bulls receive the training that helps them become better socialized/more manageable so they can become wonderful pets, finding and keeping their forever homes.  I'm also a past and long-term dog walking volunteer at Marin Humane, where I participated in their weekly "Train to Adopt" classes and assisted in the dog training classes that they offer to dog owners and their pups.

  "Dog's lives are too short.  Their only fault, really."  

   ~  A.S. Turnbull                                

Licensed, Fully Insured, and Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR


I offer 1/2 hour midday small group walks for compatible, well socialized dogs who get along well with other dogs.  The small group gives your pup the advantage of individual attention from me, combined with the joy of being with other dogs in a friendly "pack". 

"A dog has one aim in life ... to bestow his heart."

                  ~ J.R. Ackerley

How We Work


"Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he's owned a dog."            

                                                                                         ~  Gene Hill


After a brief phone consultation, we will schedule at your convenience a free consultation/get acquainted meeting at which time I will gather all pertinent information about you and your pup.   I will also check with you to verify that your pup is on flea/tick medication and that he/she is current on shots and has a current ID tag and license.

After picking up your dog, we will head over to the closest park or simply walk in the neighborhood for our 30 minute walk.


Price per dog for a 30 minute small group neighborhood walk is $25.00.   The half hour is all "paws on the ground" time - travel time in the car to the park and/or to pick up the next pack member gives your pup additional "out of the house" social time.

Additional dog(s) from the same household receive a 10% discount.

"Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person."                 

                ~ Unknown

Serving Oakland, Berkeley, El Cerrito And Vicinity

Your inquiries and questions are most welcome!  Please feel free to call me at (415) 419-2518 or scroll to the bottom of the page to email  me  with any questions and/or to set up a free "get acquainted" meeting - I look forward to talking with you!

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog.  And none of them are wrong."        

                                   ~ W.R. Purche                                                                                      

Boo's Greeting

I'll probably not win any Academy Awards for this video, but check it out, as it may be the cutest thing you've ever seen.   Boo is a formerly feral dog who I tamed at Berkeley Animal Care Services, now I get to walk her 4 times a week  :) .  

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